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What is a "bartrick"?
Quite simply it's a trick, stunt, or setup that can be performed anytime, anywhere using commonly found items. They can range from the deceptively simple to the ingeniously complex, yet all are safe, fun, and very easy to perform. Anyone aged 5 to 105 can learn do these!

These tricks won't cost you a dime to fact, "You'll be the life of any party!"
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Use Bar Tricks and Never Pay for a Drink Again!
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Michael Hayes -
World Renowned Bar Magician

When Michael Hayes was seventeen years old he was thrown out of school for everything that pays the bills now. One year later he was fired from a Toronto radio station For an April Fool's day stunt that was a little too realistic -- he convinced listeners the station building was collapsing, complete with sound effects! He created a mini panic and loads of publicity. Fortunately, Club Med recognized and appreciated his talents for attracting attention and he spent the next six years traveling and developing his "Bartricks" at their chain of resorts. Hayes has made a career out of creating magic and has a knack of giving life to ordinary, everyday objects. He reveals the secrets to his tricks with the debut of his video, "Be the Life of any Party". It seems everything Michael was thrown out of school for now pays the bills and gets him international acclaim.

Learn the secrets that will make YOU the life of the party and never have to pay for a drink again!!

Michael Hayes
The Copperfield of Bartricks
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Grant Hill performs magic
Orlando Magic's Grant Hill levitates a match!

With Bartricks, friends and guests experience something they can't get at home. What they want are memories and to discover something new, whether in a restaurant, nightclub or bar, their experience becomes a vacation.

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With a repertoire of more than 400 Magic Bar Tricks, Michael has been featured on several local and regional television programs by NBC, CBS and FOX, and performed his "trickery" for such celebrities as Mel Gibson, Cheap Trick, Grant Hill, Ann Margaret, Ron Woods, David Hasselhoff, Danny Devito, John Candy, Shaquille O'Neil and even former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. He currently conducts training seminar/clinics and performs explosive shows on both land and sea that dazzle international viewers.

So turn "Slowtimes into Showtimes" and "Bartenders into Bartainers".Now YOU can learn all of Michael Hayes' secrets and put them to work increasing sales, entertaining patrons or captivating friends and strangers!

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Be sure to check out our video clip highlighting some of Michael's television appearances!

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