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Quite simply it's a trick, stunt, or setup that can be performed anytime, anywhere using commonly found items. They can range from the deceptively simple to the ingeniously complex, yet all are safe, fun, and very easy to perform. Anyone aged 5 to 105 can learn do these!

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Hayes animates the crowd in Margarita Island, Venezuela

Hotel/Resort Animation

Resort Animator - One who is omni-present and forever remembered by both locals and international guests.

Hayes started his animation career in 1982 at Club Med's Cancun Resort as their Director of Entertainment. He soon realized that the crazier he thought the greater the public's demand. Included was water-skiing and jet-skiing in the pool to para-sailing down to MC a boxing match. Through his cultural experiences in 22 countries, Hayes has become renowned for his zaniness and out-going nature.

Here's just a sample of the signature performances that brought Hayes international recognition.

Alarming but true! This is what Hayes gets paid to do!

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