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What is a "bartrick"?
Quite simply it's a trick, stunt, or setup that can be performed anytime, anywhere using commonly found items. They can range from the deceptively simple to the ingeniously complex, yet all are safe, fun, and very easy to perform. Anyone aged 5 to 105 can learn do these!

These tricks won't cost you a dime to fact, "You'll be the life of any party!"
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Whether you're a salesman or an everyday venturist, every bartender and server wants to earn more money... now you can!

The Secrets to BIGGER Tips for Bartenders and Servers*

This exclusive video shows you how! Your customers will love you when you levitate a drink (as pictured) or entertain them with other tricks using common items you already have around the bar.

Michael shares the secrets to the first 40 of his over 400 Magic Bartricks that will amaze and astound and keep them coming back for more while increasing your tips dramatically. After all, more personality means more tips.

BarTricks are fun, interactive, wonderfully addictive and best of all, easy to learn.

*Order NOW and get a FREE levitating glass trick! This illusion is very easy to perform, self-working and requires no assembly. Normally, this astounding levitating glass trick sells for up to $39.95 in stores. This could very well be the "best bar tool since the invention of the bar stool!" It can be yours FREE with the magic-packed "Secrets to Bigger Tips for Bartenders and Servers". Hurry, as this incredible promotion won't be available for long!

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Amaze your customers with bartricks!
Amaze and astound your customers!

Bartrick Magician Michael Hayes will make you magically earn bigger tips.

Have more fun pouring drinks or waiting tables than you ever thought possible.

Bartending can be more than just pouring drinks and lending an ear. Entertain your clients and bring smiles to their faces. You won't even need a name tag... they'll want to know your name.

If you increase your tips only $20.00 a day, that could be $4,000.00 a year from this mere $34.95 (plus $8.00 S&H) video tape... You can't afford not to get one!

With Bartricks patrons stay longer because they play longer and have more fun. All of which means they spend more so you make more.

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