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What is a "bartrick"?
Quite simply it's a trick, stunt, or setup that can be performed anytime, anywhere using commonly found items. They can range from the deceptively simple to the ingeniously complex, yet all are safe, fun, and very easy to perform. Anyone aged 5 to 105 can learn do these!

These tricks won't cost you a dime to fact, "You'll be the life of any party!"
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Bartricks Seminars & Shows

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Bartricks International. Over 20 years of experience, in 23 countries, on 17 cruise ships, at 14 Club Med Resorts and in more than 275 hotels and casinos. Bartricks Int. shares secrets on how to entertain your guests, increase tips and drive sales. Owners, managers and employees all can benefit from Bartricks Int. hidden practices and proven strategies. Learn how to give your guests a "WOW" experience and a burning desire to return, therefore increasing sales.

Bartricks' Seminars
Staff Seminar aboard the Cruise ships
Bartricks' Seminars
Bartrick International's touring team out of West Palm Beach, FL

Experience our turnkey promotion that magically captivates your customers and delivers a fun, interactive consumer hook at any time of the year, while at the same time teaches bartenders and servers to sell with personality, ultimately levitating the atmosphere.

Turn "SLOWTIMES INTO SHOWTIMES", "BARTENDERS INTO BARTAINERS", and "SERVERS INTO EATERTAINERS". Our "MIXOLOGISTS" will take your staff behind the curtain and demonstrate many of their magical illusions that bartenders and servers can master with ease, making bigger profits appear like magic. "WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER".
Annual bartender's bash in Key West, FL

Why does it work?

People learn by doing. Research shows that we retain as much as 90% of what we experience as opposed to what you hear, read, or observe. Our programs present problem solving situations where groups use their collective knowledge, experience and ideas to arrive at creative solutions. This synergistic approach is directly transferable to what happens in the workplace every day.

Who should attend?
Nightclub, bar, resort, and casino owners and operators.
Restaurant owners and operators
General managers, bar managers and assistant managers
Food, beverage, and catering directors / managers
Marketing and promotions directors
Entertainment programmers / directors

Magic on board Celebrity Cruise Line Bartenders

Las Vegas Trade Show Demonstration

Hayes prepares the levitating martini pyramid

Owners / Managers
Give your Staff the tools they need

Help bartenders and servers turn slow times into show times
Spark employee motivation and moral
Increase guest perceived value
Give your guest a memorable experience
Increase company sales
Management interaction with guests

Bartenders / Servers
Distinguish yourself from the others

Distinguish yourself from the others
Dramatically Increase TIPS.
Entertain your guests (Put them in a better mood)
Be the one they come to see
Build a bigger regular crowd
Have FUN while you work

Guest Entertainment Seminar
Michael MCs at Club Med Cancun

Bar Tricks and Magic to entertain guests
Ways to interact with your patrons
Create high energy during slow times
Provide a memorable guest experience
Learn how to use your voice personality and body language in a positive manner
Generate a better work environment and enthusiasm between employees
Your staff learn to interact with the customer so they stay longer, spend more money, tell their friends and return over and over again
Learn how to amaze and mystify patrons with common found items at your bar (i.e. Napkins, toothpicks, beer bottles, and matches). Most importantly anyone can learn and apply these tricks.

Seminar at Fiesta Americana Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

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